Atomic veterans deserve better

While the STDs Veterans are getting monetary compensation benefits for theirs? How much longer must we wait? Many of our Atomic Veterans have died with out receiving any benefits at all. How much longer will it take our Congress, the Senate and our President to give our Atomic Veterans, their monetary compensation benefits they deserve? Semper Fi

Armed Forces Day celebration to be Saturday at Bittersweet Park Armed Forces Day at Battleship Park – – 6 days ago · It’s all happening at Battleship Park this morning. The 15th annual blue Star Salute and Armed Forces Day event kicks off bright and early with a Fallen Heroes Memorial Service at 6:30.

Atomic veterans were put in a dangerous situation and deserve VA benefits for the injuries resulting from their exposure to high levels of radiation. Tags Richard Simpson

Two years ago, the Veterans of Foreign Wars published some information about NAAV, and Ritter got more than 10,000 inquiries. There has been some media coverage, such as a feature on the search for atomic vets by the Australian television version of 60 Minutes. Next: 557,000 atomic veterans were exposed to lethal radiation. >>

Beyond compensation, many atomic veterans want to be recognized for their sacrifice. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation making July 16 National atomic veterans’ day. But it was a one-time event. Year after year, bills have been introduced in Congress to create a service medal for atomic veterans.

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Veterans deserve better than a claims backlog – Our veterans deserve better than this. As of Sept. 22, the VA had nearly 900,000 claims awaiting decisions, with close to 600,000 – two-thirds – of them having exceeded the department’s own modest.

In health care, veterans deserve more than gratitude. Our nation must live up to its promises to provide veterans with the high-quality care they have earned.

U.S. may deploy more weapons to the Middle East

I am writing this letter to express my concerns about a serious problem that has developed with the ‘Veterans Choice Program’. Preface: V.A. hospitals have never sold or marketed the personal.

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