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Who is Prodigy Lending

Prodigy Lending is a group of mortgage experts with operations all over the united states of America. We have a team of experienced loans experts that offer our customers outstanding services for their mortgage needs. We have numerous loan programs with the least rates in every area that suit your situation and expectation for example, we have the lowest VA loan interest rates in Channelview. We assist home buyers regardless of whether they are buying a first or dream home, consolidating their credits or refinancing their existing loan, to selecting the best loan program.

One of our desires is to see to it that we help our clients find the right home by choosing the right mortgage among the ones listed below:

Conventional Home loans

Conventional home loans are suitable for all home buyers, whether a first-time buyer or not. They have the following features:

  • Their down payment is low – 3 % down on conventional loans
  • Their private mortgage insurance is lower compared to FHA loans
  • Can be repaid over different periods depending on the ability of the buyer, i.e., 10, 15, 20, or 30 years
  • The loans have low-interest rates with approved credit scores
  • The mortgage does not have lender fees

FHA Home loans 

These mortgage loans have government protection and have the following features:

  • The down payment is low, i.e., 3.5 % down
  • Their interest rates are appealing to the home buyer
  • They have rehab loans for renovation of homes
  • They have higher Debt-to-Income ratio

VA Home loans

These mortgage loans aim at assisting eligible veterans and other service members in acquiring houses. They have the features below:

  • 100 % financing for VA’s 
  • No mortgage insurance for VA sing the loans have government protection
  • Their closing costs are lower 
  • It is quite easy to qualify for VA loans
  • They have the best VA loan rates in Channelview for a government loan

USDA home loans

For buyers willing to purchase homes in rural areas, we offer USDA home loans that have the following features:

  • 100% financing
  • Low rates with no down payment 
  • They have lower interest rates for 100% financing
  • The mortgage insurance cost is low
  • One needs enough income to qualify, and the home must be in a rural designated area

We have the ultimate goal to build a lasting relationship with our clients and offer them superb mortgage services in the future. Contrary to other lenders, we keep your data safe, secure, and with a high sense of confidence, and by so doing, we have earned trust from our clients. Our clients are free to call us anytime and speak to an expert loan officer for advice. 

Prodigy lending team has given excellent services for more than 17 years and received Top Workplaces award for eight years running. We help our clients select the mortgage with the best rates like Channelview VA House loan, and this ensures they meet their needs. 

We offer current mortgage rates and wish that our clients move fast to experience them before the market rate fluctuate.

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