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Who we are

Prodigy lending has been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years. We have been able to receive several recognitions for our award-winning services. In the past eight years, we were awarded as the Top Workplace in the United States. This has earned us trust among the lending community, and this, we take gratitude from our customers. Our teams of certified experts are always ready to talk with each one of our customers to ensure they get the right mortgage that best suits their needs. 

We have different home loans programs that our clients can choose from. You can be sure to get a low-cost mortgage from us. Those who are veterans and serving soldiers can get competitive VA loan rates in Friendswood. Those who do not meet the eligibility criteria for VA loans can choose from our other loan programs, which include FHA, USDA, and conventional loans. All these programs assist one to buy a new home, refinance a mortgage or consolidate debt to make it more comfortable during repayments. The first time home buyers can also take advantage of our low down payment and 100 percent financing to get their dream houses. 

The following are some of the loan options you can choose from.

VA home loans

VA home loans are given to the veterans and serving soldiers together with their eligible spouses, the loan finances up to 100% which mean that there is no down payment required for this kind of mortgage. The interest is also attractive, and mortgage insurance is not required. It is one of the best government approved a mortgage, and one pays a small amount as a closing cost.  The credit ratings are also low, making it easy for many borrowers to qualify.

FHA home loans

This is another government approved a loan with competitive interest rates. Most of the first time home buyers who may not be eligible for VA home loan s in Friendswood can opt for FHA loans since the down payment required is only 3.5% for those with acceptable scores. The scores required are quite low compared to those of other mortgages, making it easy for many to qualify for it. We require the borrowers to get PMI since the debt to income ratio ion FHA loan is quite high. Those who may not have saved enough money for emergency cases can apply for rehab loans under FHA loan programs. 

USDA home loans

This is a program that is tailor-made for those wishing to acquire property in rural and other approved areas. One should meet the home location and also the income requirement. The borrowers can get up to 100% financing, meaning one should not have to bother about down payment cost. You also get to enjoy low interest and mortgage cost from this type of home loan program

Conventional home loans

This is an independent loan program that does not have government approval. Compared to other lending company, we allow our customers to pay a small down payment of 3%. Those with approved score get to enjoy the benefits of this type of loan, which include low-interest rates and decreased PMI. The borrower gets the loan without paying the loaning charges and will enjoy flexible terms based on their needs. 

Our goal

The guiding goal of Prodigy Lending Company is to unbreakable bond with each one of our customers as we commit to provide excellent mortgages services for years to come. Privacy is also guiding policy in our organization, and customers are guaranteed the safety of any information given to us. This is what has made us different from other long-existing countrywide home loan companies. 

We welcome our customers to speak directly to our home loans experts and get guidance on the pre-approval prices. The VA loan rate in Friendswood can be obtained by filling out a form available on our site to get free estimates at no cost. The client is free to contact us on the phone or use interactive tools which are present on our website. 

The rates are based on prevailing market conditions, and therefore, they do change from time to time. However, our rates remain the best in the market, and we are known as the top private mortgage company in the United States. 


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