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Crucial Tips on Mortgage Lending By Our Company In Houston, Texas


Our team entails very highly trained and qualified mortgage experts and are evenly distributed in the United States. To add, we are committed to giving you the best home loan services for all your mortgage needs. 

Due to multiple home loan programs as well as lowest Houston VA loan rates available in your locality, we will work one on one with you to make sure that you get the mortgage loan that is tailored to meet all your expectations. Whether you are buying your first home, dream home, refinancing another mortgage loan or consolidating debt, our experts on can offer aid to let you find the best loan program which has the most reliable low rate. 

Find the Right Home Loan in City of Houston

Conventional/ Conforming Home Loans 

  1. No lender fee needed
  2. Have low rates of interest with approved scores
  3. Flexible terms – 30, 20, 15 or 10 Year Home Loans
  4. Have Low Down Payments needed of about 3 percent

FHA Mortgage Loans 

  1. Down payments needed of about 3.5 percent 
  2. Have quite attractive interest rates
  3. Rehab loans are often available
  4. Higher debt to income ratio

VA Mortgage Loans 

  1. Qualification is quite easy 
  2. Financing gets to about 100 percent 
  3. Have best rates for governmental loans 
  4. Closing costs are relatively low
  5. Mortgage insurance for VA loans are relatively low

USDA Mortgages 

  1. Must qualify for both income and home location 
  2. Low rates of interest for 100 percent funded mortgage loans
  3. Low mortgage insurance costs
  4. Home deposits needed
  5. Funding may get to about 100 percent

Prodigy Team in Houston 

The ultimate objective is to establish a long-lasting friendship with every client so that we continue to offer high-quality services for more years to come. Unlike in other larger nationwide home lending companies, all your details will be kept safe and privately. 

To communicate directly with our team members who are quite well experienced, you are advised to make a call at any time as well as using all the interactive tools which are provided on the company’s site. 




Prodigy Lending One of Top Workplaces in the United States

For the last eight years, we have been awarded as the top workplaces in United States. In addition, we are committed to excellence in the work place and honored to receive such great recognition. 

Obtain the Most Competitive Veteran Home Loans in Houston City

In our company, we have the lowest and most recent home loan rates. To add, our mortgage loan centers provide numerous low-cost Houston VA house loans for either refinancing or purchase. 

You are recommended to fill out a short form so as to receive a no-obligation quote since the rates often change due to market conditions. 

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