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About us

Prodigy Lending is a home loan issuing company with a lineup of mortgage professionals spread throughout the United States of America. We have an undertaking to provide our customers with excellent service for all their home loan needs. We offer multiple mortgage programs with the lowest rates, including, and our expert loan officers assist our clients personally to ensure they choose the right plan that would suit their circumstances as well as expectations. With a vast experience, our staff provides that the home buyer, regardless of whether they are purchasing a first or luxury home, refinancing an existing mortgage or merging debts, will find the most suitable program with the lowest VA loan rate in Bellaire.

We assist the home buyer in finding the right home by offering the following loan programs:

Conventional Home loans 

Conventional home loans have the following features:

  • Low down payment of 3% 
  • Lower private mortgage than that of FHA loans
  • Flexible repayment where one can pay the mortgage in 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years.
  • With a higher credit score, the interest rate could below
  • The loans have no lender fee

FHA Home loans

FHA is another type of mortgage that we at Prodigy Lending offers. The loan has its unique features that include:

  • A low down payment of 3.5 %
  • It is easy to qualify for the mortgage
  • The interest rates are attractive
  • FHA also has rehab loans for a buyer who may wish to renovate their homes
  • One can be eligible even if their debts are high in comparison with their income

VA Home loans 

Veterans Affairs department guarantees these loans to assist veterans and service members in purchasing homes. The mortgages have the following characteristics:

  • One hundred percent financing for Veteran VA home loans in Bellaire
  • No mortgage insurance for veterans
  • Lower closing costs
  • Easy qualifying requirements
  • They have the best rates for a government loan

USDA Home loans

USDA home loans assist home buyers wishing to buy homes in rural-designated areas, to do so with much ease. The loan’s features include:

  • 100 financing 
  • Low-interest rates with no down payment
  • The low-interest rate for 100 % loan
  • Low mortgage insurance cost
  • The buyer’s income must be enough, and the home must be in a rural qualifying area.

Our objective

Our main objective is to forge a long-life relationship with all our customers to serve them longer and by offering them excellent services for a more extended period. We ensure the privacy of your data, unlike other lenders, and for this reason, we have earned the trust of many home buyers. Our clients are at liberty to call us any time through our site or by using our other interactive tools.

Prodigy Lending team

We have been in the mortgage field for more than 17 years, and our team has earned awards for excellent services. Notable of these awards is the Top Workplaces award which we have achieved for the last eight years.

We are humbled to be rated among the best private mortgage lenders in the United States. We would wish to encourage home buyers to take advantage of the current mortgage rates before they fluctuate.

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