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Our identity 

We are mortgage lenders with a lineup that comprises of expert loans officers based in all parts of the United States of America. We are dedicated to issuing our customers with the best home loan services that have the lowest rates possible. We also have several loan programs that suit every home buyer’s needs and desires. Our team, with an experience of many years, will assist you to personally pick the home loan that will enable you to satisfy your mortgage needs be it purchasing a first home, dream home, refinance an already existing mortgage or even merge other debts. We also advise you on what is required, such as giving you the Stafford VA loan guidelines and others. Here is what we do:

Finding the right home loan for you

Conventional mortgage loans

Conventional home loans have no government protection, but their funding is by private lenders and their insurance paid by the borrower. The loans have the following characteristics:

  • The down payment is low i.e.3% down on conventional loans
  • Their private mortgage insurance is lower than that of FHA loans
  • They have flexible repayment terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years
  • With approved scores, their interest rate is flat
  • The loans have no lender fees

FHA mortgage loans

FHA mortgage loans are government-protected, giving the lender some security in case a homebuyer defaults on the loan. Mortgage loans have various characteristics that include:

  • Simple qualifying requirements
  • Low down payment of 3.5% down
  •  friendly interest rates
  • They have rehab loans for rehabilitating homes
  • Their debt-to-income ratio is high

VA home loans

Veteran home loans in Stafford and other areas in America assist eligible veterans and other members of the armed forces in purchasing homes quickly. They have several characteristics that include:

  • 100% financing for veterans
  • The loans have no mortgage insurance for veterans 
  • The closing costs of the mortgages are low
  • It is easy to qualify for VA loans
  • A home buyer enjoys the best rates for a government loan

USDA home loans

The buyers who desire to purchase homes in rural and suburban areas can do so with the help of our USDA mortgage loans. The loans have government protection, and they have the following characteristics:

  • 100% financing
  • They have zero down payment, and the interest rate is low
  • The mortgage insurance cost is small compared to other loans
  • A home buyer must have enough income and the property must qualify for the rural or suburban area

Our main objective

We have the aim of forming an unbreakable bond with our customers that will enable us to serve them for several years in the future by giving them superior services. We are trusted to keep your data safe and confidential. 

Having been in the lending market for more than seventeen years and winning the Top Work Places award for the last eight years, Prodigy lending ranks among the best private lenders. Our customers have the freedom to call us anytime for advice on the lowest rates mortgages.

We urge our clients to act with haste and enjoy the current VA rates and other mortgage rates before they fluctuate.

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