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Who Is Prodigy Lending?

Prodigy lending is a group of home loan providers found throughout the United States of America. Our team of mortgage professionals has many years of experience, which makes it possible for them to offer assistance to the homebuyers aspiring to buy first or dream homes, finance a current mortgage, or merge other debts. We ensure that our clients are educated the mortgage programs personally by the mortgage professionals to choose the plan with the lowest rates that suit their individual needs and circumstances. We have several mortgage loans that include VA home loans in Webster. Among the duties of our loan experts is to assist our clients in finding the right mortgage for them. One is supported to choose from the following list:

Conventional home loans

Conventional home loans have various highlights that include; small upfront payment of 3% down on traditional credits, lower PMI than FHA loans, the loans can be paid in 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, they can have low-interest rates with approved scores, and they also do not have lender fees.

FHA home credits

FHA loans are government-protected through Federal Housing Administration and they also have the following highlights low down payment of 3.5%, they are easy for a buyer to qualify, their interest rates are attractive, they offer rehab loans for repair and rehabilitation of the properties, the DTI ratio is high.

VA home loans

VA home loans are meant for veterans and members of the armed forces in America. In Webster, VA home loans have low rates and other highlights that include; 100% financing for VA’s, zero insurance on the mortgage for VA’s, they have a little number of closing costs, the mortgage loans have easy qualifying requirements, and they provide the best rates for government credits.

USDA home loans

USDA mortgages are designed for homebuyers who wish to purchase homes in rural areas or those places approved as suburbs. The loans have various highlights that include; low rates with no down payment, 100% financing, low-interest rates for 100% loans, the mortgage insurance cost is low, the property must qualify for a rural area, and one’s income must be enough to fund the mortgage.

Our main aim is to have a lasting bond with our clients to give them excellent services for a longer time. We make sure that the buyer’s information is kept private and secure, and by so doing, we have gained trust in the whole mortgage industry. 

To speak personally with an expert, our clients have the liberty to contact us through our call center and other interactive channels which are ever open. Our hardworking team of mortgage professionals has earned us the Top Work Places award for eight years running during our more than seventeen years of existence.

We continue to offer mortgage loans with the most competitive rates such as VA home loans in Webster, and we encourage potential home buyers to apply since the current prices depend on the present market conditions.

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